5 tips to stop puppy biting clothes

Puppies often bite or chew on clothes as they explore and play. However, it’s important to train them to stop this behavior as it can be destructive and potentially harmful. Here are some tips to help stop puppy biting clothes:

puppy biting clothes

Tips to stop puppy biting clothes

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  1. Redirect their attention: When your puppy starts biting or chewing on your clothes, immediately redirect their attention to a toy or chew bone. Encourage them to play with the toy instead of your clothes.
  2. Teach the “Leave It” command: Use positive reinforcement training to teach your puppy the “leave it” command. Start by offering your puppy a treat and saying “leave it.” When they back away from the treat, reward them with a different treat or praise.
  3. Use bitter spray: Spray a bitter-tasting spray on your clothes to discourage your puppy from biting them. Most pet stores carry bitter sprays specifically designed to discourage chewing and biting.
  4. Use a playpen: If your puppy persists in biting your clothes, consider using a playpen to limit their access to your clothes. Fill the playpen with toys and chews to keep your puppy occupied and distracted.
  5. Stay calm and consistent: Finally, remember to stay calm and consistent with your training. Consistency is key when training a puppy, so make sure to enforce the same rules every time your puppy tries to bite your clothes. With patience and persistence, you can train your puppy to stop biting your clothes.
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